Transparency: Our Coaches

The Coach Transcript provides verification of a coach’s National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) credentials.

Permission to view the transcript were provided by the coach, along with their NCCP # and the coach’s last name. Click Coach Transcript to access the page.

Aaron Jensen  656953
Alex Spinks  1013360
Anne Jessup  332891
Bernard Briggs  487213
Beverly James  17637
Chris Saunders  6683827
Dan Poelman  105708
Gillian Staveley  1013361
Isabelle Corriveau 
Jacob Melanson  5813529
Jadon Leenders  6567050
Jason Basnett  319335
Jaymi Hinchey  6654040
John Tonin  6179001
Kaylee Fortier  6654642
Leah McLean  6555631
Lia Hinchey  6654041
Lisa Teggerty 
Michael Bellon  896835
Penny Prysnuk  771572
Rob Hinchey  6637856
Robert Bellon  896837
Sandy Neumann  866446
Sarah Djuretic 
Sean Stark  5655534
Tonja Hinchey  6533954